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About Rankraze

  • Rankraze is a distinct contender amid the prominent digital marketing enterprises in the Canada.
  • Our journey commenced in June 2016, during which we've effectively
    engaged with a myriad of clients, assisting them in establishing and reinforcing their
    digital presence
  • Our devoted team, despite its moderate size, brims with enthusiasm and possesses
    extensive expertise. This is further complemented by certifications as adept
    professionals in the domain of digital marketing.

Our Vision

Our aspiration is to position ourselves as a premier global digital marketing agency. We aim to discover uncomplicated, impactful, and budget-friendly marketing strategies and approaches that cater to the needs of small-scale businesses.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies the objective of enhancing the global online visibility of businesses across the entire spectrum. In today’s digital landscape, the absence of a strong online presence can potentially lead to the downfall of any enterprise.

Our Motto

As the premier digital marketing company in the Canada, our motto is encapsulated in the phrase, “If we can achieve it for ourselves, we can achieve it for you as well.” Our accomplishment in digital marketing, securing the top spot in SERP rankings, serves as a testament to our capability.

Why “Rankraze”?

  • Amidst the fast-paced digital competition, Rankraze emerges as the catalyst for clients to surpass their rivals in rankings.
  • Our logo, comprising three triangles, encapsulates our philosophy: the initial triangle signifies our identity, while the remaining pair symbolizes our valued clients.
  • Above these triangles, dual arcs portray our role in amplifying our clients’ brand presence across the global stage. This configuration of triangles and arcs also embodies a stylized double R, emblematic of our brand – RankRaze.

Why was Rankraze started?

  • The inception of Rankraze finds its roots in the journey of our founder & CEO, Mr. Raja Chellan, who embarked on his career as an entrepreneur. However, despite putting in immense effort, he found himself unable to attain the desired outcomes.
  • In the face of this challenge, a realization dawned upon him – the pivotal role of digital marketing. Driven by this insight, he delved into the realm of digital platforms, various techniques, and diverse marketing strategies. Through rigorous experimentation, he finally unlocked the code to triumphant digital marketing.
  • It was at this juncture that Mr. Raja Chellan’s vision expanded. His newfound expertise wasn’t just a personal triumph; it was an opportunity to extend a helping hand to individuals, start-ups, and businesses grappling with the very challenges he had overcome. A mission was born – a mission to effect a transformation for fellow entrepreneurs and enterprises, thus paving the way for Rankraze’s establishment
  • At Rankraze, this mission remains our guiding force. We exist not just as a digital marketing entity, but as a partner dedicated to creating meaningful change for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our origin story underscores our commitment to not only mastering the art of digital marketing but also to empowering others on their journeys to success.