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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Canada

Unlocking the Power of PPC for Paid Online Advertising: A Strategic Solution to Garner the Focus of Your Potential Audience towards Your Website..

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | PPC Company in Canada

In the realm of online business operations and maintaining a multi-platform digital presence, amplifying your content’s reach to a wide audience can present substantial challenges. Forging a robust online footprint and generating fresh organic traffic mirror the complexity of managing the business itself. Enter the realm of paid online advertising via PPC—a strategic avenue to resolve this quandary. This approach effectively navigates the path to directing the focus of your potential audience squarely to your website.

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay-per-click services are primarily linked with search engines such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and others. More recently, the pay-per-click advertising model has been embraced by several prominent social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How does Pay Per Click Ads work?

The landscape of search engine advertising functions through a dynamic Ad Auction system. Enterprises vying for prominence on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a specific term direct their efforts towards capturing the attention of their potential audience. Central to this endeavor are keywords, the terms that advertisers and their competitors bid for. These keywords encapsulate the language an average user would use while conducting a search on search engines. The bedrock of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising resides in a simple yet impactful premise: advertisers pay for each instance of a user clicking on their advertisement. Underpinning this model is the advertiser’s strategic allocation of a budget to facilitate the PPC campaign. The result? Sponsored ads prominently occupy prime real estate at the apex of the SERP, often preceding organic results, and at times, following them as well. The pivotal point arrives when a user engages with the advertisement. With each click, a nominal amount is debited from the advertiser’s allocated budget, quantified as the Cost Per Click (CPC). In essence, the realm of search engine advertising unveils an orchestrated dance of keywords, budgets, and clicks, all aimed at ensuring that your brand garners the attention it deserves on the digital stage.

Advantages of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing or Search engine marketing is the most efficient way to gain new traffic to your website and get in front of your potential audience. Though organic reach plays a vital role, it is not very effective to reach a wider audience.

Some of the main advantages of Pay Per Click advertising are,

Targeted Audience

PPC advertising can be extremely targeted. You can target your ads to the audience based on keywords, their interests, online history, locations, etc.


In PPC marketing, there are no restrictions on the budget to be spent. You can decide how much you want to spend for each click and the budget for your ad campaign

Potential Customers

PPC advertising works with complete target-based advertising. This is a huge opportunity to get in front of your potential customers. Search engine marketing is the most efficient advertising model to reach your potential customers.

Ready to take action

If you search for “Laptop service centers near me” on Google or any other search engine, you are most likely looking for an immediate solution.

No dependency on SEO or Algorithms

Unlike organic search engine results page rankings PPC does not majorly depend on the SEO ranking of your website or search engine algorithms.

Immediate Results

Pay-per-click advertising generates immediate results that will help you track every action taken from your ad the moment someone clicks on it and lead generation can be done in an instant too.

Increase leads, sales & revenue

It is not a secret that marketers worldwide trust pay-per-click advertising as the best choice. Because of focused targeting, generating leads is simple.

Builds your site’s SEO

PPC strategy helps you build your site’s SEO by providing valuable insights. By measuring the insights on which keyword performs better and drives more traffic to your website, you can optimize your site for better SERP rankings

PPC is Measurable

PPC advertising provides immense reports and is measurable. You can measure the immediate results based on keywords, advertisements, ad placement, to know which one performs better and drives more traffic.

Brand Recognition

Targeting with industry-related keywords will increase your chance of being noticed by your target audience. General keywords may not generate more sales but they will indirectly promote your brand and establish you as an authority in that field

Pay only when someone clicks your ad

The budget you fix for your ad campaign is just a money limit that you’re willing to spend. The best thing about PPC is that you don’t have to pay for the number of times your ad is displayed. You only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Our Best PPC services

When you’re new to search engine marketing, it will be very hard to know which type of ads will work for your business and which method will drive you more traffic. Here, we’ve explained the different types of PPC ads that you can consider for your business and how we can help.

Search ads

Are the most common type of ads. You can see these ads most of the time you search for anything on the internet. Sponsored websites appear on the top and the bottom of the results page. Search ads are tagged with an “Ad” text to indicate that it is a paid ad. Search ads involve text and links.

Display ads

Display ads are ads that you see anywhere within a website. These ads are displayed on Google-partnered websites. You can target your ads to people who are interested in your product and to people who have visited similar websites.Display ads generally have attractive images and texts to capture the reader’s attention.
Remarketing ads

Social ads

The evolution of pay-per-click advertising extends its reach to encompass prime social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Within this context, the category of paid advertisements that grace these diverse social channels collectively falls under the umbrella term of social ads. The potency of social ads lies in their inherent effectiveness, accentuated by the fact that approximately 91% of social media users engage with them through their mobile devices.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing is a highly beneficial factor in PPC marketing. Remarketing is a PPC feature that lets us target people who have already been exposed to our product. This audience is a group of people who are interested in our product ever

Google shopping

Nestled within the realm of paid advertising, Google Shopping Ads emerge as a potent force for elevating product promotion. Presented in a captivating carousel format, these ads seamlessly provide a panoramic view of akin products sourced across a spectrum of websites. Akin to a digital storefront, Google Shopping Ads afford users the luxury of virtual window shopping. This platform transcends mere advertisement

Gmail sponsored promotions

Gmail sponsored promotions are a great way to promote your business in a person’s inbox. These ads can be targeted at a potential crowd, and also be personalized.Gmail promotional emails appear on the top of the inbox on mobiles and desktops.Promotional ads have an “Ad” tag before the subject line. Personalized emails with proper formatting and an attractive subject line tend to get a higher click rate and open rate.This is a great way to drive new people to your website by giving them all the details in the email.

Why Rankraze is the best PPC company

  • Rankraze is one of the top PPC Companies in Canada offers complete digital marketing services across all platforms and runs successful ad campaigns curated for your target audience and needs. We take all your concerns into account and create an ad campaign across all different platforms to benefit your business. Here are a few reasons why we offer the best PPC advertising service,
  • Competitive research
  • Improved ROI
  • Affordable cost
  • Conversion tracking
  • Real-time reports
  • Landing Page Creation and maintenance
  • Ad Campaign setup
  • Copyrighted Ad creation
  • Best Bid Management within your budget
  • Continuous testing and improving
  • Online support
  • Weekly performance report

We have years of experience working with hundreds of clients from different backgrounds. Our Search Engine Marketing team will fulfill all your needs within your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

 Before you sign or commit to anything, we have an extensive “Client Questionnaire” that we ask you to fill out so that we can learn more about your needs, clients, and industry. There is absolutely no commitment on your part by completing this questionnaire. If you trust us with your business’s digital growth, let’s get started! Contact us.

Is there a minimum starting price/budget?

We don’t have any pre-priced budgets. We also do not have any monthly minimums or required buy-in packages. Our ability to handle all budgets – big, small, and medium makes us unique. Each client’s campaign is evaluated individually based on their goals, needs, audience, and budget. No matter what your budget is, we will always aim to provide you with the best service with minimum expenditure.

Can I stop and start SEO services as I go?

We strongly advise against starting and stopping Search Engine Optimization. SEO success is a journey, not a destination. To maintain your SERP ranking, you should continue doing SEO. If you stop, your website rank will get low, and your competitors will convert your potential customers in no time

Why Rankraze is the best digital marketing company in Canada?

Because we bring ROI to our clients. We have helped clients all over the world generate real, tangible results. Beyond creativity and strategy, we help our clients achieve their sales targets and drive massive revenue. That’s why Rankraze is a top digital marketing agency in Texas standing tall with a plethora of client success stories.

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