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Amidst a rapidly evolvinglandscape, generating fresh and distinctive concepts todistinguish your business can be quite challenging.

Video Marketing Services In Canada

Within the hustle and bustle of our modern world, the challenge of conceiving fresh and distinct concepts to set your business apart is undeniably daunting. The utilization of videos as a marketing tool dates back to the inception of television commercials in the early 1960s. Nevertheless, in the contemporary landscape, video marketing has emerged as a monumental boon for digital marketers on a global scale.

Web video for website production leads the way

1 %

of marketers say video gives them the best ROI.

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of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video

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of people watch more video now than they did a year ago.

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of consumers want to see more videos from their favourite brands.

Importance of Video Marketing

Within this section, we’ve compiled a selection of significant advantages associated with video marketing, shedding light on the compelling reasons why integrating it into your business strategy is a wise decision.

Understanding YouTube’s Role As The Leading Video Marketing Platform

YouTube’s Vast Reach and Visual Power

With a staggering 2 billion monthly active users (comprising over 2/3rd of the total internet user base), YouTube firmly solidifies its position as a digital juggernaut. It stands as the second-most utilized social media platform, trailing only behind Facebook in popularity.

Harnessing Visual Supremacy

YouTube’s foundation rests on its visual-oriented nature, aligning seamlessly with the dominant sensory preference of human beings. The lion’s share of information processed by our brain is visual in nature, rendering this platform a prime avenue for businesses to effectively convey product information and entice prospective customers.

Our Specialized Video Marketing Services

As a frontrunner among video marketing agencies in the UK, Rankraze brings forth a comprehensive suite of services. Our expertise spans the entire video journey, encompassing production, post-production, animated video creation, video promotion, as well as adept Customer Relationship Management. Our repertoire of top-tier video marketing services includes:
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Videos increase your SEO ranking

We offer complete marketing services on YouTube. We focus on promoting your video organically across all social media platforms, optimizing your video for search engines, running ad campaigns to drive visitors, etc.

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Video production

Complete guidance and assistance in coming up with a creative idea for your product, video production, audio-video recording, and editing. We produce the perfect video for your business, brand, services, and products.

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Video Promotion across all platforms

Promote your YouTube video can be as tricky as creating the video. Creating a great video and going unnoticed is the same as not creating one. We will take care of the complete marketing services to make the video reach a huge potential audience.

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Customized YouTube channel art

YouTube channel art is the banner image in your YouTube account. It should reflect your business’ personality, the design should be simple, and also convey what your page is about. We will create customized channel art for your account that reflects your business.

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YouTube Video optimization

Just like how optimizing your website content will make you rank higher in search engines organically, YouTube works on Video Optimization. Our marketing team of experts will make sure your content is perfectly optimized to reach google’s ranking factors. This will increase your video traffic, and in turn, will increase your website traffic organically too.

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Video Integration with Google Analytics

We have years of experience in digital marketing. If we’ve learned one thing from all these years of experience, that is to track our growth, engagement, traffic sources to see what works best for us. We will integrate your YouTube account to Google Analytics to track your video marketing traffic and conversions. This way, you can understand what video content works better for you and your business and experiment more.

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SEO for Videos

You may not have come across the term Search Engine Optimization for YouTube. But, it is one of the important factors of video marketing on YouTube. Optimizing the video and Search Engine Optimization for Videos are different. Worry not. We will take care of complete SEO for your video to help your video rank in Google and other search engines and drive website traffic too.

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YouTube Community Management

When you’ve built a good number of YouTube audiences, managing the community is very important. Showing the people that you care and addressing any negative comments positively can be crucial but it is essential for customer retention.

This is why our community management team will take care of maintaining a healthy relationship between your business and its customers.

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YouTube Reputation Management

Representing a brand or business on a social media platform should be professional and friendly. You are accountable for all your actions because you holed a reputation. We have a reputation management team that will focus on maintaining that as we’ve done for all our 100+ clients.

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YouTube Campaign

Being a top marketing agency, we know the in and out of digital marketing. We will run paid YouTube ad campaigns that will skyrocket your YouTube growth and website traffic.

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